As you are deciding who to vote for in this mayoral election, I thought I’d share with you how I see my husband.
  • He’s humble.  He’s the guy that washes the dishes at every Sunday dinner with my extended family.
  • He’s principled. He can’t be bought.  He’ll never vote based on a relationship or campaign donation. If you support Charles, it’s not because you think you’ll get something from him, but because you think he’s an honest and hard-working man, who will do his very best for you and your family.
  • He’s steadfast. No matter how difficult the challenge, he continues to have hope that we, as a city, state and nation, can change for the better. He’ll never give up on Hawaii.
  • He’s a great husband and dad.  He tells me I’m beautiful every day and reads our girls a bedtime story every evening.  He’s there for every parent teacher conference and every school activity that a working dad can attend.
Charles’ priority throughout his career has been to take care of people.  Most don’t know this, but wherever we go, Charles has folks coming up to him to thank him for his help — from a soldier who needed to be redeployed for his wife’s kidney transplant, to a man who had been waiting three years for military back pay and health care reimbursements, to a woman struggling to honor her husband’s wish to be buried at Punchbowl.
The reason I support Charles comes down to one thing: character.  I know he’ll always do what’s right regardless of the personal cost. In a time when there are very few elected officials who inspire confidence, you can trust Charles to be there for you and your family; just as he is for ours.
With sincere thanks,
Stacey Kawasaki Djou