The Facts on Rail

What I think:

If I am fortunate to be elected mayor of Honolulu, I am going to do something that has not been done in four years:  I am going to be HONEST with you about rail.

I am going to open those books and be honest with our City Council, be honest with our State Legislature, be honest with the FTA and most of all, I am going to be honest with all of you, the residents of Oahu, because you deserve to know the reality of this project and what your Mayor is planning to do with your money.

If I am fortunate to be elected your Mayor, I look forward to working collaboratively and transparently with all parties and partners at the City, State and Federal level, laying out the facts, building an open plan and enacting a viable and affordable solution to this rail crisis.

FTA Sends Stern Warning: Requests Recovery Plan

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Kirk Caldwell asks HART to focus on ending rail at Middle street.

See the article here.

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What this means for Honolulu:

  1. We could lose the 500 million dollars from the FTA.
  2. Contracts will be delayed because of lack of funds.
  3. Construction cost will rise again and we may lose millions of dollars.
  4. MOST IMPORTANTLY: No further contract can be written and no work can be done beyond Middle Street because Kirk Caldwell simply does not have a plan.  Caldwell’s idea is stopping everything at Middle Street and then try to figure things out after the election – we deserve better from our mayor.