Yesterday, KHON’s Gina Mangieri covered a story detailing HART’s request to borrow a minimum of $20 million more for rail, this time on the city’s credit. You may recall former Mayor Peter Carlisle saying that this money wouldn’t be needed “unless the moon fell into the ocean.”  Yet another burden that the taxpayers of Honolulu simply can’t afford.

UPDATE: After KHON’s story aired, HART delayed the request to borrow these funds, but may still decide to do so in July. This only further reinforces that our community simply can’t trust City Hall under the current administration — the same administration that is responsible for gagging the City’s Ethics Commission Executive Director.

It’s time we fix this rail mess and the only way we can do this is with you at our side.  The election is less than two months away. Your contribution of $500 or $100, $50, or any amount up to $4,000 will make a tremendous difference immediately.

We are excited about this upcoming election, but we need your help.  The City and its handling of rail has been incompetent and we are suffering the consequences.  Please join us and together let’s make a difference in our community.