Today we take a break to recognize the important efforts of our country’s hardworking men and women. In Honolulu, hundreds of thousands of of these families, like ours, fight to get ahead in one of the most expensive places to live in the country. While we work, we depend on the city to manage our hard earned money to do things like: fund emergency services, build roads, update infrastructure and develop affordable housing.

The problem is that under Kirk Caldwell life is getting harder, not easier, for our families. Blatant dishonesty, pay-to-play politics, and the blame game are what defines his administration.

  • What used to be a campaign promising to build rail “on time and on budget” has become a mayorship claiming ‘it’s not my fault.’
  • Four hundred more people living on Honolulu’s streets — including children— has become “only a 1% increase in the last year.”
  • His assertion that “the mayor’s job is 24/7” was revised when it was discovered that he earns over $200k per year at a bank, on top of his $165k mayor’s salary— a position that has been touted by many across party lines as incredibly unethical.

This Labor Day let’s consider putting our working families FIRST. Charles understands what public service and hard work means. He joined the Army Reserve a month after 9/11 and deployed to Afghanistan to serve our country in combat. Today Charles has a plan for our City:

  • Instead of spending millions on fancy parks for foreign elite, let’s build more affordable housing and community parks for our city’s families.
  • Instead of ignoring homelessness, let’s develop a comprehensive solution with key non-profits and tangible goals. When those goals aren’t met — let’s be honest about it.
  • Instead of being disingenuous and waiting on journalists to dig up the truth about rail finances and how it will impact the city, let’s be straightforward and honest.
  • Instead of treating Honolulu’s working families as the city’s never ending piggy banks, let’s look at all of our options to build rail affordably. The GE tax is simply the most regressive tax in our city; raising it again should NOT be an option.

These are unsettling times and our government is hurting our families that are just trying to make ends meet.

If this message resonates with you we ask that you consider making a donation to help elect Charles Djou. Each dollar is put to good use and anything helps. Let’s starting working for a better future for our city today.


Team Djou Volunteers