Ensure that we Provide Basic City Services

Last August, hundreds of thousands of gallons of raw sewage spilled onto Waikiki Beach.  This was a shame for our community that was broadcast around the world as the iconic center of our visitor industry became a public health hazard. Just as bad, the spill was entirely preventable and the mayor never bothered to visit the scene of this spill

This must never happen again.

We deserve an honest government that deals with our infrastructure issues properly.  That’s why as a city councilmember, I championed bringing our sewer system into compliance with the Clean Water Act.  That’s why I am proud to have brought curbside recycling to Oahu.  That’s why I’m running for mayor to ensure that we invest in our public infrastructure and our community can be assured that our aging sewer system is properly maintained.

As an Army soldier and Afghanistan war veteran, I understand what it means to serve and protect.  As mayor, public safety, through a strong and trusted police, fire and ambulance service will always be my highest priority.  All of our hopes and dreams for our community begin with a safe Honolulu.