Affordable Housing

Too many of our children and families are moving away because they can’t afford to own, or even rent, their own homes. Even more concerning is that one of the significant drivers of homelessness in our community is the lack of access to affordable housing. This is a serious problem which is why so many are concerned about the city’s …

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Deal with the Homeless Crisis Now I value responsibility in government.  That’s why I am so disappointed in the City’s failure to deal with the homeless crisis in Honolulu. Under the mayor’s watch, homelessness has spiraled out of control and people no longer feel it is safe to enjoy many of our parks and beaches.  Millions have been spent on …

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Ensure that we Provide Basic City Services Last August, hundreds of thousands of gallons of raw sewage spilled onto Waikiki Beach.  This was a shame for our community that was broadcast around the world as the iconic center of our visitor industry became a public health hazard. Just as bad, the spill was entirely preventable and the mayor never bothered to …

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Restore a Sense of Ethics in Government When people have trust in their elected officials, they have trust in their government. I believe that the personal integrity of elected officials is fundamental to our democracy. All major public policy goals start with an open and honest government. Today, the mayor is eroding confidence in city government by gagging the city’s …

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Environment & Energy


Hawai‘i’s beautiful natural environment is a treasure that must be preserved for future generations. I have been an outspoken advocate for recycling and energy conservation. I successfully fought to bring curbside recycling to Oahu and called for reductions in the City’s energy usage. As a councilmember, I fought for expansion of the City’s use of solar energy and established an …

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Rail What I think: If I am fortunate to be elected mayor of Honolulu, I am going to do something that has not been done in four years:  I am going to be HONEST with you about rail. I am going to open those books and be honest with our City Council, be honest with our State Legislature, be honest …

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