A crooked culture surrounds City government under Kirk Caldwell.  Yesterday, we learned that a senior campaign aide to Caldwell charges his campaign nothing for her public relations services, but then “earns” tens of thousands of dollars in City public relations contracts.  These City contracts are paid with your tax dollars.

This news follows last week’s story where Caldwell characterized his second bank job, where he nets over $200,000/year for ‘working’ a mere two-hours a month, as a “service.”  In sharp contrast to Caldwell, Charles Djou views service as joining the Army after 9/11 and fighting for our country in Afghanistan.

In addition to his $200,000 year compensation, Caldwell received bank stocks valued at  $1 million.  In its annual report, the bank stated it retained Caldwell for his extensive “community contacts.”

The bottom line is that we have a mayor who exploits his public position for exceptionally lucrative personal profit.  He then uses your City taxpayer money to pay off his political campaign aides.

The truth about Caldwell would be terrible enough, but we have a City where rail’s cost overruns and delays continue to get worse and worse, a homeless crisis spinning out of control, mismanagement of affordable housing, and ethics eviscerated under the incumbent mayor.  We desperately need change now.

Please help us fight back against this systemic culture of corruption and loose ethics that defines Honolulu government under Kirk Caldwell.  Your contribution of $50, $100, $250, or any amount up to $4,000 will help us restore a basic sense of trust in City Hall that has been lost with the incumbent.

There are only 35 short days until the election – we can’t wait.  Every donation you make today will go straight toward fighting the Caldwell machine right now.  The future of our City is at stake.  Mahalo for standing and fighting with us.


Team Djou