I am writing to let you know that I have decided to run for Mayor of Honolulu.  Like you, I am concerned that our politicians say one thing and do another; making promises they have no intention of keeping.  Rail is a perfect example of how government favors special interests over the people.  Time and again, our current Mayor has asked us to pay more taxes to fund mismanagement of the rail project, while basic City services are neglected.  

You may recall that, as a councilmember, I opposed the rail project for years, believing the City couldn’t afford the expensive heavy-rail design being pursued.  But I respected the decision made by voters in 2008 in favor of rail and shifted my focus from trying to end the project to trying to improve it.

The rail project was sold to us as a $5.5 billion project that would be completed by 2019.  Four years ago, the Mayor promised he would build rail “on time and on budget.”  This system is now estimated to cost over $8 billion and is at least five years behind schedule.

I’ve watched over the last six years since I left the City as promise after promise to us has been broken.  Looking around — no one is taking responsibility.  So, I will.

As Mayor, I will veto any further tax increases for the rail system.  We need to make this project work with the money we have, not the unlimited blank check Caldwell has given to project developers.

A serious run for Mayor will require a significant amount of campaign funds.  The current Mayor has a huge campaign war chest.  We will have broad based support throughout the community from people like, Governor Ben Cayetano, who believe that our City government is failing us.

If we all work together, we can make sure our message of responsibility and accountability is heard. Your contribution of $500 or $100 or $50 will make a tremendous difference.

I value honesty and integrity.  I expect government to treat its citizens the same way.  That’s why I am so disappointed that Caldwell has gagged the City Ethics executive director and blocked him from talking to the public about rail.

I value responsibility in government.  That’s why I am so disappointed in the City’s failure to deal with the homeless crisis in Honolulu.  We should be able to use our parks and beaches without fear for our safety.

As your councilmember and congressman, I never forgot that every dollar the government spends comes from a family like yours. I have always fought for fiscal responsibility and have never voted for a tax increase.  One person can make a difference in City Hall.  But no one can do it alone.  That is the paradox of change.

These are unsettling times and our government is hurting hard-working people just trying to make ends meet.  But with your help we can get rail costs under control.

Mahalo for your support.  My door is always open.  Please contact me with your questions, suggestions and concerns.  I enjoy hearing from you.  As always, I am grateful to you for your courage and generosity.


Charles Djou

P.S. This is a very short election cycle, we only have a little over two months before the Primary Election.  Every contribution you make will be put to use immediately.  Our community can’t wait for change and our campaign needs your help now. Please consider making a major contribution now.

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