Kirk Caldwell’s latest ads show just how desperate he is. Rather than campaigning on solid plans and his record as mayor, he has begun attacking Charles’ position on rail: suggesting that Charles’ next idea may be a “commutapult” or a super-uber. Well, Honolulu’s constituents don’t think rail being at least $3 billion over budget, at least half-a-decade behind schedule, and now ending short is any laughing matter. This is why Charles is leading in the polls. Consider what has transpired in just the past few days:

  • On Saturday, there was yet another sewer spill as nearly 13,000 gallons of raw sewage was released near the University of Hawaii! How many times does raw sewage have to pollute our waters until we finally say enough and replace the mayor?
  • On Friday, the news revealed that the State Health Department will likely fine the City administration for its incompetence in handling the massive 2015 sewer spill! How many fines for incompetence that threatens our community’s basic health and safety are required until we finally say enough and replace the mayor?

This weekend, you will have your chance to answer this question – how much is enough to replace the mayor – by casting your vote.  Listen to Charles talk about his position on rail in our latest video and please consider sharing with friends and family. Remember, early walk-in voting ends this week Thursday and election day is THIS Saturday.

We own our democracy.  Make your voice heard by helping us change the leadership at Honolulu Hale.


Team Djou Volunteers